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Does a Roof Box affect fuel consumption?


Yes. There will be a slight increase in fuel consumption depending on the load carried and the vehicle, as an example

our Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi will on a run achieve 54mpg (average) this drops to 52mpg (average) with the Roof Box Fitted


Are Roof Boxes Waterproof ?


They are not guarenteed to be 100% waterproof, there is a very deep seal which prevents water from entering the box.

With all the rain recently (Nov15 to Feb16) we have not had one reported leak.


Are Roof Boxes secure ?


Thule boxes have a six point locking system, also the key cannot be removed until the lid has been closed and the locking

mechanism is engaged.


 What size Roof Box do I need ?


This will depend on what you intend to carry, if its just luggage a wider box in beneficial, if its skis or fishing rods etc

a longer box will be needed


 Can the Roof Box be taken abroad ?


YES, but you will need to advise your Ferry company or Eurotunnel as it helps them with loading, they may also need to know the overall height


Do I need my own Roof Bars ?


No but it helps if you have your own, we do supply Roof Bars and all the fittings (see Hire Charges) we just need to know

make, model and year of your car. If we are supplying the Roof Bars and Fittings we need at least 3 working days notice as there

are nearly 1000 different Fitting Kits




YES The Maximum recommended speed limit with a roof box fitted is 80MPH

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